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OIS Elementary: Home

Resources to support PYP and literacy

Within these pages, you'll find a variety of sources to support youSome databases only work at school during school hours.  Usernames and passwords can be accessed when you're logged into SOISmail - Click the purple circle.  Need help? Visit your librarian!

Library Catalogues

Grade 5 UOI

Search Engines

Reference & Database


engaged / learning


engaged / learning


use your gmail and teacher code


osakais / reads1

Britannica Online

senriint2020 / global

BrainPop Jr.

osakais / reads1

Grade 4 and 3 UOI

All About Books

Grade 2 and 1 UOI

Online Story Time with Ms Mel

Online Poetry Reading with Ms Mel

Wish to hear a rhyme?

Play this list, tap in time.